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In the Spring of 2014, the Vermont Agency of Education identified Academy School, Oak Grove School, Green St. School, Putney Central School, and the Brattleboro Area Middle School as schools in need of improvement. This identification means that these schools are Title I-funded schools in Year 2 of School Improvement or later, and as such, the schools are required to offer Supplemental Educational Services (SES).

Offering SES means that Title I funds (which are designated to meet the needs of low-income students) must be set aside to pay, up to an amount specified yearly, for third party supplemental services for children who qualify for free or reduced lunch. The services provided are tutorial in nature, and are intended to support student success in the subject areas in which the school was identified. These services must be provided by an entity approved by the Vermont Department of Education. A list of state approved supplemental service providers is available from the VTAOE website (click here). These services are offered outside of the school day or school year and may or may not be offered in this area. Supplemental Education Services are free, and can be tailored to meet the academic needs of individual students

Parents / guardians of students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch, who wish to have their child take advantage of any of these services should contact the Office of Curriculum and Assessment at the WSESU Central Office - 802-254-3730. The school will not provide transportation to and from the service provider.

Parents / guardians who have not done so already may choose to apply for free or reduced price lunch for their child in order to be eligible for SES. If eligible, parents / guardians are not obliged to have their child participate in the free / reduced price lunch program in order to access SES.




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