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WSESU Mission Statement
The WSESU Mission is to provide a safe, inclusive and supportive environment where all students grow academically, socially, and emotionally, and are challenged to reach their potential as local and global community members.

In support of our mission the following district goals have been established to support school action plans, administrative team goals, and individual professional goals.


Safe and Healthy Schools
*Ensure equal access of students to educational opportunities by promoting a safe school environment and healthy climate conducive to learning.
*Allocate resources to close the gap of academic achievement of students from lower socioeconomic status and those from higher income families.

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
*Support implementation of WSESU Framework of Learning guided by the Vermont Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities.
* Provide teachers with opportunities to support student learning through effective instructional practices.
*Ensure that the district professional development plan is aligned with schools’ action plans and with teachers’ individual professional development goals.

*Promote public engagement and family involvement as well as providing sufficient information to parents, school board members, and the community.
*Support consistent and systematic grade level transitions, i.e. from pre-school to elementary, elementary to middle school, high school to post-secondary opportunities.
*Communicate the requirements and implications of No Child Left Behind Act and align provisions to state and district policies.

*Establish a clear definition of the roles and responsibilities of the school board, superintendent, principals, and school staff in carrying out the schools’ missions.
*Promote positive, respectful, and supportive behaviors that are characteristic of a climate that nurtures a sense of pride and ownership of the school.
*Collect and analyze student data and other indicators of student success to guide our programs.

Central Office Mission Statement

As the voice of the school community, the purpose of the WSESU Central Office is to provide support and leadership to students, families, faculty, staff and community members in creating learning environments in which all students can be successful. The Central Office works as a team to foster positive relations with the public and to develop, maintain and improve policies and procedures for the benefit of all.

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