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Distrct Budget Development Timeline FY19

District Budget Development Timeline FY18

BTSD Budget as of 1.2.18 Budget FY19

BTSD Budget Detailed Expenditures as of 1.20.17 FY18

BTSD Budget Summary, Tax Impact, Capital Plan FY18

DTSD Budget FY19

DTSD Budget FY18

GTSD Budget FY19

GTSD Budget FY18

PTSD Budget FY19

PTSD Budget FY18

VTSD Budget FY19

VTSD Budget FY18

WSESU Budget FY19

WSESU Expense Budget FY18

WSESU Renvenue Budget & Allocation FY18

BUHS #6 Warning Article FY19 Budget Vote

BUHS #6 Budget Information for FY19

BUHS #6 Annual Report Summary 2018 (FY19 Budget)

BUHS #6 Annual Report 2018(FY19 Budget)

BUHS #6 Detailed Report 2018(FY19 Budget)

BUHS #6 Detailed Report 2017(FY18 Budget)

BUHS #6 Annual Report 2017(FY18 Budget)


Brattleboro Town School District FY17

Dummerston Town School District FY17

Guilford Town School District FY17

Putney Town School District FY17

Vernon Town School District FY17


FY16 Audit

FY15 Audit

WSESU Annual Report Summary 2015-2016




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