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Professional Development

Draft - February 2002

The purpose of the WSESU Professional Development Plan is to improve students’ learning by improving instruction.

Beliefs about student learning:

  • Students learn best when teachers are knowledgeable and effective in providing instruction.
  • Students learn best when teachers are sensitive to individuals’ needs and learning styles
  • Students learn best when they are facilitated in constructing their own knowledge.
  • Students learn best in safe, respectful and well managed classrooms.
  • Students learn best when instruction is directed towards achievement of clearly defined standards
Beliefs about professional development:
  • Professional development planning should be:
    • data-driven
    • involve teachers
    • be responsive to teacher needs
  • Professional development should have the following characteristics: long duration, collective participation, content-based, active, and coherent. PD should include classroom modeling /evaluation
  • Professional development reflects teacher-centered, school-based, and district-wide goals.
    • Implications

Professional development in WSESU needs to provide teachers with the following:

  • Training in standards-based instruction, assessment and lesson/ unit development
  • Training in research-supported approaches to teaching that is content-based.
  • Training in classroom management
  • Training in skills needed to implement curriculum
  • Training in multiple instructional techniques.
In order to begin implementation of this plan, we need to
  • Survey teachers as to professional development needs
  • Develop a rationale for identifying district and school-based initiatives
  • Develop a program for new hires
  • Work on how to include Act 51, HazCom, Blood-borne pathogens
  • Develop a long-term calendar

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